Under general supervision, performs daily work assignments for the Code Enforcement Division of the Alamogordo Fire Department, in accordance with the Employee Manual, Department Rules and Regulations, City of Alamogordo Ordinances, and any applicable State or Federal authority.

Essential Duties (Code Enforcement)

  • General code enforcement responsibility that is necessary for the health and good order of the community including: patrolling, inspecting and responding to potential code violations;
  • Enforcement of the Ordinances of the City of Alamogordo relating to specific code regulations;
  • Responds to complaints and/or conducts field investigations of potential violations; gathers evidence; questions or interrogates complainants, witnesses and suspects; compares facts to code requirements; makes findings; and issues warnings, correction notices and/or citations;
  • Meets with owners, tenants, etc. to review and explain code requirements and violations or potential violations; secures code compliance;
  • Drafts and distributes a variety of correspondence, memoranda, notices, flyers, brochures, media releases, and reports relating to code enforcement issues and actions;
  • Provides information to persons who request information or assistance in code enforcement related matters under the division's responsibility;
  • Maintains a variety of logs and records related to inspection and enforcement activities; prepares recommendations for amendments and additions to codes or regulations which relate to the position;
  • Coordinates efforts with the police, and related departments, the prosecuting attorney, and other staff or agencies, as needed;
  • Reviews cases being prepared for trial with emphasis on the evidentiary and legal issues crucial to successful prosecution. Prepares detailed reports of activities and investigations made; consults with prosecutors and prepares case report for court action; testifies in court;
  • Assists in obtaining, enhancing, preparing or presenting exhibits or other evidence in court as required;
  • Maintains and cleans assigned work facility, grounds, vehicles, and equipment; and
  • Is responsible for Professional Standards as outlined in the Canon of Ethics.
Essential Duties (Fire Department)
  • Respond to alarms and perform fire suppression, fire protection, extrication and rescue duties, including firefighting, ventilation, salvage work, and utilizing various methods and tools including but not limited to: hose lines, nozzles, ladders, power tools, and extinguishers;
  • Respond to incidents involving technical or specialized rescue and mitigation operations including hazardous materials incident response, airport rescue firefighting incident response, technical rescue incident response, and natural disasters;
  • Drive and operate fire apparatus and fire equipment in a safe manner, and in accordance with department policies;
  • Conduct training with department personnel, surrounding department personnel, other agency employees, and the public;
  • Conduct fire inspections, fire prevention programs, fire protection equipment training, and educational and informational programs through the media, schools, civic groups, businesses, and the general public;
  • Inspect, inventory, and maintain the condition of fire equipment, apparatus, station, and grounds including but not limited to: equipment servicing, minor repairs, extensive clean up, painting, yard work, and other general facility maintenance;
  • Assist in performing scheduled testing of the City's fire hydrants, fire hoses, pumping equipment, ladders, self-contained breathing apparatus, cascade system, air monitoring equipment, gas detectors and department vehicles, etc;
  • Assist in investigations of fire scenes to determine origin, cause, and damage caused by fire;
  • Record, prepare, and file required reports on all fire department incidents, inspections, code violations, and origin and cause reports;
  • Assist in maintaining and recording fire records and associated documents, including firefighter training, equipment maintenance, fire hydrant flow rates, fire inspections, public education on fire prevention, comprehensive reports documenting the situation at the scene, orders received, and other information deemed pertinent;
  • Contributes to a high quality work culture through participation in training and mentoring to develop skills, including safety related training and skills;
  • Interact professionally and provide excellent customer service to all levels of City staff and citizens, to ensure high operational and service standards; and
  • Perform duties according to City of Alamogordo Ordinances and departmental Policies and Procedures.
  • Responds to emergency calls during and outside of normal work hours, as required; and
  • Performs such other duties as may be assigned.
  • High school graduation, or its equivalent, plus at least two (2) years experience related to inspection, law enforcement or a related field;
  • Valid New Mexico driver's license with a good driving record acceptable to the City of Alamogordo and its Insurance carrier; and
  • Obtain and maintain a Class E Driver's License upon successful completion of the Alamogordo Fire Department Academy; or
  • Any combination of education, training or experience that demonstrates a minimum level of firefighting knowledge sufficient for emergency response.
Other Requirements:
  • Must be a United States citizen, or legal permanent resident;
  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must successfully pass firefighting physical agility testing;
  • Must successfully pass written testing, only if the applicant does not possess the Hazmat Awareness and Operations certification that exhibits the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) seal, and the Firefighter I certification that exhibits the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) seal;
  • Medical exam and drug screening test that meet physical requirements set forth by NFPA 1582 guidelines;
  • Pass a thorough background investigation; and
  • Must not have any felony convictions, domestic violence or DWI onvictions, or any other convictions for crimes indicating lack of character or moral turpitude.

Knowledge of:
  • Code enforcement principles, practices and methods as applicable to a municipal setting;
  • Working knowledge of applicable laws, standards and regulations relating to code enforcement;
  • Working knowledge of inspection techniques;
  • Principles and practices of fire prevention and suppression;
  • Building codes;
  • Fire codes;
  • Fire sprinkler and alarm systems;
  • Current firefighting tactics and strategies;
  • Department policies and procedures;
  • Use and maintenance of fire and EMS equipment and apparatus;
  • Hazardous materials storage and disposal techniques and procedures;
  • City geography;
  • City and county response routes, procedures, and practice;
  • Fire hazards and firefighting resources, such as personnel, equipment, water supply, and communication;
  • Incident management sufficient to perform basic incident command until relieved; and
  • Technical skills including safety, fitness, firefighting, EMS, and special operations.
Skill/Ability to:
  • Operate personal computer, copier, fax machine, including word processing and data base software;
  • Operate a motor vehicle;
  • Operate a phone; mobile or portable radio;
  • Prepare, organize and maintain inspection field data, reports and systems;
  • Analyze complex situations, problems and data; use sound judgment in drawing conclusions and making decisions;
  • Comprehend and articulate complex facts and relationships in detail and summary;
  • Write clearly, concisely and legibly; testify in court in an objective, concise, and professional manner; produce or obtain reports, graphs, charts, photographs or the evidence or exhibits;
  • Follow verbal and written instructions;
  • Handle stressful situations and effectively deal with difficult or angry people;
  • Identify and gather evidence on code violations;
  • Work hold over shifts, and mandatory calls back to duty;
  • Withstand extreme temperature for moderate periods of time;
  • Carry heavy loads up and down stairways and ladders;
  • Establish effective working relationships with co-workers, local law enforcement personnel, the general public, civic groups, and local and state officials;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in both oral and written communication;
  • Maintain records and complete reports;
  • Read and understand blueprints;
  • Maintain appropriate necessary certifications, and a valid New Mexico driver's license applicable to job responsibilities, and good driving record;
  • Demonstrate and maintain physical endurance, agility, dexterity, and strength necessary to perform required duties; and
  • Develop self-discipline with an increasing level of commitment, motivation, responsibility, accountability, self-esteem and respect.
  • Performs tasks requiring: strength and stamina, such as lifting and moving equipment and objects;
  • Sitting, standing, walking on uneven or slippery surfaces, kneeling, bending, twisting, turning, stooping, squatting, grasping and crawling;
  • Ascending and descending stairs and ladders;
  • Work both inside and outside with exposure to extreme weather conditions, odors, dust and pollen;
  • Exposure to chemicals, skin irritants, fumes and solvents;
  • Frequent exposure to hazardous atmospheres and dangerous environments to perform firefighting and rescue operations;
  • Frequent hand and arm motion; hand and finger dexterity sufficient to use small tools;
  • Turning and bending neck;
  • Corrected or uncorrected vision sufficient to read gauges, documents and street maps;
  • The ability to communicate verbally, including the ability to hear and distinguish various sounds, such as alarms, voices of co-workers and warning horns or sirens in both quiet and noisy environments;
  • The usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate for job assignments; and
  • Safely operating apparatus and other equipment in all traffic conditions.
The City of Alamogordo is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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