Zia Therapy Center, Incorporated
POSITION TITLE:                   Receptionist (P.M.)  1:30pm – 6:00pm   
REPORTS TO:                          Executive Secretary
SUMMARY:  Provide receptionist services to Zia and clerical support services to Zia staff.  Direct clients and visitors to appropriate locations.

Shared Responsibilities

l.          Answer the telephone promptly in a professional and courteous manner.  Direct calls to the proper individuals, page staff as needed or take messages.
2.         Greet clients and visitors in a professional and courteous manner and direct to appropriate person or program.
3.         Greet staff in a professional and courteous manner.  Provide assistance when needed.
4.         Provide backup and support to the Executive Secretary & HR.
5.         Assist in the preparation of various reports and documents as assigned.
6.         Refill copy/fax machine with paper and toner.
7.         Keep Reception Desk stocked with letterhead, envelopes, tape, staples, note pads, and other items.
8.         Document checkout and return of policy manuals.
9.         Read “Alamogordo Daily News” and clip needed articles and notices. File originals in Zia photo album and, as needed, provide staff with copies.
10.       Financial
a.         Accept and receipt incoming payments from clients in the Child Care Program and other programs. 
            b.         Enter payments in the Airtable.
            c.         Verify payment receipts and documentation from other shift.
            d.         According to Policy 935 - Deposits:
                                    Prepare and submit cash fund slip
                                    Balance the cash box
                                    Make daily deposits
e.         Weekly:  Prepare arrearages.
f.          Monitor incoming payments and notify the Business Office Manager and Child Care Director of arrearages in their programs.
g.         Do end of month deposit.
11.       Annually Staff In-Service Preparation:     
  • Print In-Service Agenda copies if requested by CEO.
  • Prepare Sign-In Sheet for the meeting.
  • Get tickets and money needed for the “Invest in Ourselves” drawings.
12.       Safety Program: 
  • Maintain accident/incident database and documents.
  • After review by Management & Safety Committee, file/distribute to Programs/HR.
13.       Log vacations on Airtable.     
14.          Give the Child Care Program Exit Survey to parent/guardian upon discharge.  Upon return of survey give the survey to Child Care Director for distribution.
15.       Tally daily meal counts for CACFP for Business Office Staff.

Individual Responsibilities
1.         Daily: 
  • Child Care Handbook – Keep ten on file.
  • Straighten magazines in display racks.
  • Refill paper and clean glass on “front of house” copy/fax machine.
  • Pick up items and clean the counter tops, if needed.
  • Keep supplies, books and catalogs on shelves in Mailroom in an orderly fashion.
  • Empty Shredder bag.
a.          Tuesdays:  Thoroughly clean furniture, file cabinets, counter tops and objects on counter tops in Reception Area and Mailroom.  Dust supply shelves and inside of forms cabinet in the Mailroom
b.         Wednesdays:  Prepare arrearage information.
2.         Monthly: Notify the Executive Secretary of the number of staff and visitors that participated in the monthly emergency drills.
3.         Type, update, and/or maintain:
            a.         Donor appreciation letters.
            b.         Zia mailing list.
4.         Maintain and update the Staff Sign In/Out Board.
5.         Monthly Planner Board:
a.         3rd Monday of Month:  Send notice to Child Care Director and other Program managers in order to obtain current program information for the coming month.
b.         Create Monthly Calendar for Multi-Purpose Room at end of month for the next month.
c.         When Reservations Received:  Enter new reservations into computer and on Monthly Planner Board.
d.         Fridays:  Compare clipboard’s reservation sheets to the Monthly Planner Board to insure they match.
6.         Maintain and update “Google Calendar” and Calendar for Multi-Purpose Room. (SHARED)
7.         Use written guidelines and checklist to close the Reception Desk and building at the end of day.
8.         Process the end of month deposit (A.M. Receptionist will check).
9.         Maintain visitor sign in/out badges from Zia visitors.  Replace the sign in/out sheet for the next business day.
10.       Assume duties and responsibilities from other receptionist.
11.       Comply with all applicable Zia Therapy Center, Inc. policies and procedures.
12.       Observe all appropriate safety guidelines.
13.       Display a professional and positive attitude during the workday.  Have the ability to work well with others
14.       Other related duties as assigned.
EDUCATION AND/OR TRAINING REQUIRED:  High school diploma or equivalent.
WORK EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:  Receptionist experience preferred.
SKILLS NEEDED:   Ability to deal with the public and staff in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner over the telephone and in person.  Ability to use computer word processor programs, type 30 wpm with accuracy, proofread correspondence, file, and maintain records.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to meet or exceed the following physical requirements, with or without accommodations. These are estimates only and can change from day-to-day depending on tasks assigned.
  1. Walk- 5%
  2. Stand- 10%
  3. Sit- 75%
  4. Bend/Stoop- 5%
  5. Lift/Carry- 5%

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