Job Duties and Responsibilities
Helps business owners/managers to develop or improve their business knowledge and  skills, to effectively manage the operations of their business.
Provides confidential, one-on-one advising and builds relationships with clients, in order to educate, mentor and advise clients in all areas of growing a business.
Adheres to the conduct policies of the SBDC program.
Works independently in a community located SBDC center, yet frequently collaborates  with advisors across the state who request assistance on behalf of a client with need for                   specific expertise.
Has comprehensive knowledge and experience of small business operations from every  sector of the local business community and provides a full range of business services.
Understands the client’s situation, analyzes issues and guides the client in developing a  solution he or she is willing and able to implement.
Identifies a range of solutions, discusses the pros and cons of each and explains abstract  concepts with real world examples.
Writes individual client write-ups or summaries required by contract and other periodic reports.
Seeks professional development opportunities to expand core competencies and stays abreast of industry trends, current events, and customers’ needs in the regional economic environment in all areas of business, including technology, necessary to start, grow, sustain, and transition a small business.

Peer collaboration is valued within the New Mexico SBDC Network and advisors often                       share their expertise in response to queries from other advisors. Advisors must develop and maintain a referral network within their local service areas to ensure they maintain a robust client caseload capable of delivering significant economic impacts to the local community and the state.

Performs significant outreach activities to engage the community through regular contact with Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Councils, service clubs and community organizations and legislators in conjunction with the Lead Office staff.
Performs other duties as assigned. 


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