Employment Status: Full-Time
FLSA Status: Exempt
Experience Required: Four (4) years in corrections or detention supervisory position; four (4) years in public or business administration, or corrections administration with an emphasis on fiscal operations or personnel administration; and a minimum of three (3) years administrative experience required.
Minimum Education Requirements: Associate’s Degree in Business or Public Administration, Corrections or comparable experience and training.
Department: Corrections
Direct Supervisor: Correctional Services Director
Supervisory Responsibility: Direct (0); Indirect (0)
Primary Work Location: Works primarily indoors but may be required to perform tasks outside.
Certification: This position requires a valid New Mexico Driver’s License, possession of a Basic Detention Officers Training Certification, and possession of Advanced Detention Officers Training Certification.

Job Summary: Responsible for the overall day to day operation of a 208-bed Detention Facility to include the following areas: physical and mental health services, food services, compliance with federal, state and local rules and regulations and legislation, staff training, personnel, financial matters, policies and procedures governing the institution, internal affairs and investigations.

Essential Job Functions
An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential duties:

  • Must be responsible for all duties of the Correctional Services Director in his/her absence.
  • Responsible for the safety and security of the Detention Facility, its personnel, inmates and general public. Responsibility includes inspection of the facility at least once a week in accordance with American Corrections Association guidelines.
  • Assists in the development and implementing of policies, rules, regulations and procedures related to the administration of the Detention Facility.
  • Assists with all fiscal operations, such as budget planning, accounting and procurement.
  • Responsible for hiring, evaluation, promotion, discipline, training and other personnel actions involving Detention Personnel.
  • Responds to calls at any time in the event of emergencies involving the Facility inmates, employees or the public.
  • Serves as a liaison between the Detention Facility, media and public, in providing information with the approval of the County Manager.
  • Responsible for the contract administration in order to provide necessary supplies or services to the Detention Facility. Contracts may include the following: food service, medical service, phone service, commissary service, mutual aid agreements, pharmaceutical service etc.
  • Maintains liaison with other county departments, outside agencies, and criminal justice organizations and is responsible for a cooperative relationship with all.
  • Serves as the adjudicator for complaints from staff and prisoners.  Approves disciplinary measures for both.
  • Planning and coordination of ancillary services. (Prisoner Work Program, Work Release Program, Electronic Monitoring Program and the Community Service Program)
  • The enforcement of disciplinary rules, judicial conditions on clients, governing standards, building codes, and safety regulations.
  • Responsible for the overseeing and monitoring record keeping pertaining to the Detention Facility and bookkeeping practices pertaining to inmate care.
  • Responsible for supervision of commissary and all related activities.
  • Responsible for inventory control of County property in the Detention Facility.
  • Maintains efficient records and logs concerning inmate and custody care.
  • Attends seminars and conferences regarding law enforcement, correction facilities, and various legal issues pertinent to the position.
  • Supervises the Detention physical plant and recommends or advocates changes or improvement as needed.
  • Other duties as required.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA’s) for Position
An employee in this class must have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities upon application:
  • Methods and procedures of corrections and detention.
  • Corrections and detention procedures and regulations.
  • Laws pertaining to the enforcement of federal, state and local laws concerning correctional facilities.
  • Report writing techniques.
  • Modern principles and practices of Administration and organization including general budgeting, accounting and personnel techniques and management principles and practices.
  • Laws, regulations and safety rules involved with the Detention Center.
  • Thorough understanding of the County’s functions, policies, and procedures.
  • Strong written and oral communications and relational skills.
  • Public relations and customer service.
  • Follow and relay complex oral and written instructions, policies, and procedures.
  • Operate a variety of office equipment, including computer terminal, related software programs, printer, calculator, fax, and copier.
  • Perform essential duties and to administer/inspect department
  • Interpret laws pertaining to detention and corrections.
  • Enforce federal, state, local laws and departmental regulations.
  • Administer procedures to be used in emergency situations.
  • Travel out of town for extended amount of time for Seminars, Meetings, etc.
  • Operate and/or learn various types of computers and programs.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing, including public speaking.
  • Write such items as letters, reports, performance evaluations, directives and similar documents using proper format and grammar
  • Read and understand such items as reports, manual activity logs, statutes, guidelines and similar documents
  • Confidentially safeguard confidential information
  • Work under extreme circumstances at times and under pressure and stress most of the time.
  • Make concrete decisions and react quickly.
  • Use tact and courtesy in working with a wide range of individuals, including the public sometimes under tense circumstances.
  • Must demonstrate sufficient and adequate mental and emotional stability in order to meet the rigors of a supervisory position.
Physical Demands
The following physical abilities are required:
  • Subduing, resisting individual
  • Chasing fleeing subject
  • Running, walking, crouching or crawling during emergency operations.
  • Moving equipment and injured/deceased persons in weights, 30 pounds to excess of 100 pounds.
  • Climbing stairs/ladders.
  • Performing life-saving and rescue procedure.
  • Walking, standing, or sitting for extended periods of time.
  • Operating assigned police equipment and vehicle.
  • Effectively deal with personal danger which may include exposure to:
  • Armed/dangerous person.
  • Communicable diseases.
  • Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for:
  • Making observations
  • Communications with others
  • Reading and writing
  • Operating assigned equipment and vehicle
Work Environment
Office/detention facility environment; exposure to dangerous persons, firearms, and body fluids, and noise; may be exposed to emergency situations; may work in stressful situations.
Safety Requirements
The employee is expected to follow all safety procedures as required.

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