Direct Service Provider P/T / Project Search

Posted: 01/21/2024

Zia Therapy Center, Incorporated
900 First Street
Alamogordo, NM  88310
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POSITION TITLE:  Part-Time Direct Service Provider
REPORTS TO:   Direct Services Manager
SUMMARY:   Employed on a part-time basis (with no guarantee of hours) to provide direct care services to individual(s) according to local, state and federal standards.  

  1. Provide direct care services to individuals of all ages and levels of need.
  2. Maintain the health and safety of one or more individuals at one time, while providing services either in group or individual settings.
  3. Advocate for and support all individuals served and their families in accordance with service standards and regulations.
  4. Assist the individual’s efforts to engage in meaningful and positive interactions with others.
  5. Provide individuals the opportunity for progress toward outcomes in accordance with their ISP (Individual Service Plan) or care plan.
  6. Demonstrate participation and initiative in all of the program’s daily activities/services.
  7. Communicate progress of services or barriers to the provision of services with Service Coordinator(s) or management.
  8. Complete required forms, reports and documentation in a timely manner and in accordance with service standards and regulations.
  9. Attend individual’s service planning meetings as needed.
  10. Provide or assist individuals being served with transportation needs.
  11. Participate in professional meetings as required.
  12. Complete and maintain training requirements per service standards and regulations.
  13. Display ethical behavior at all times.
  14. Maintain confidentiality of individuals, families, and coworkers.
  15. Display a professional and positive attitude towards individuals and their caregivers.
  16. Display a professional and positive attitude towards coworkers and supervisors.
  17. Remain compliant with applicable service standards and regulations governing services provided.
  18. Remain compliant with Zia Therapy Center, Inc. policies and procedures.
  19. Observe all appropriate safety guidelines.
  20. Other related duties as assigned.
        DD Waiver Program only
  1. Support strategies implemented in individual’s specific therapy plan(s) and/or behavioral support plan.
  2. Work with and provide assistance to other staff while working within group setting.
EDUCATION AND/OR TRAINING REQUIRED:  High school diploma/GED required. 
WORK EXPERIENCE PREFERRED:  Working effectively individually or in a fast-paced team environment.
  1. Good organization and documentation skills.
  2. Ability to lift 50 pounds.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to meet or exceed the following physical requirements, with or without accommodations. These are estimates only and can change from day-to-day depending on tasks assigned.
  1. Walk- 25%
  2. Stand- 30%
  3. Sit- 15%
  4. Bend/Stoop- 10%
  5. Lift/Carry- 5%
  6. Push/Pull- 15%
LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: All employees driving Zia clients are required to comply with Zia’s automobile insurance carrier’s requirements, for driving your own vehicle and our large vans. Must be 21 years of age in order to drive.