Posted: 09/04/2023

JOB SUMMARY:  Responsible for providing education, substance counseling, and treatment to clients. Responsible for developing treatment goals and maintaining all required clinical records.
      1. Preforms clinical assessments.
      2. Develop treatment plans.
      3. Preforms counseling.
      4. Reviews treatment plans.
      5. Document all service contracts.
      6. Discharge clients from services.
      7. Prepare reports or other documents necessary for treatment of client.
      8. Attend individual and group supervision.
      9. Consult with other professionals in the agency, outside the agency and with the public.
     10. Attend professional training and maintain license for profession.
1. May present for educational or public information forums.
2. May testify in court.
3. Will work with Adult Probation/Parole or other legal/court compliance programs.
4. May work with other program contracts ie. Overdoes Prevention Program.

  1. Knowledge of counseling practice and procedures.
  2. Knowledgeable and ability to deliver the Matrix Model of treatment.
  3. Provide one-on-one/group counseling with clients using Evidence Based Practices
  4. Maintain a high level of professional and ethical standard.
  5. Must have effective writing and speaking communication skills.
  6. Ability to analyze and integrate information and use the information in counseling sessions.
  7. Ability to behave courteously, efficiently, and effectively in interpersonal transactions.
  8. Ability to consult with other professionals.
  9. Must maintain client confidentiality.
  10. Ability to operate a computer and software
1. Must have a NM License as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC).
2. Minimum of two years of experience working as a LADAC; working with alcohol and/or drug  
    dependent individuals and/or in the field of substance abuse with a minimum of three years of   
3. Requires depth of knowledge in the field sufficient to preform thoroughly and accurately the
    full scope of job functions outlined above.
4. Must have a valid NM Driver License and insurance.
5. Must be able to pass a CYFD background clearance.
1. 75% of available time spent on billable activities.
2. No professional standards of ethical violations.
3. No agency policy and procedure violations.
4. Documentation complete 95% of the time.
5. An average of 50% treatment plan goal attainment across caseload.

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