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What you need to know about going SOLAR with Zuni

Zuni Electric is licensed and bonded in the state of New Mexico to perform all electrical work and we’ve installed several Residential and Commercial Solar Systems over the last several years.

Our company will provide a free feasibility study for your house or business solar system. We will utilize Google Earth images to obtain location measurements which will allow us to propose placement of the photo-voltaic modules (panels) and to denote existing locations of shading. This placement information allows us to optimize the system performance of the grid-tied system.

We use only top brand materials such as: Ironridge racking material, Solaredge inverters and optimizers, LG modules (panels) and Canadian Solar modules. We can also order other quality brands upon request.

Upon the acceptance/order of the solar system proposal, Zuni Electric provides the customer as well as the State of New Mexico with a complete set of Installation Drawings. The drawings describe the system installation in detail.

Most residential systems require a PV system in the range of 4,000 watts or 4KW, to 12,000 Watts or 12KW in order to offset 90% of their electricity costs. We do not design to 100% due to the 4 peak-usage months of the summer. This would make for an overbuilt system for the other 8 months and would take a much longer time period to pay off the initial PV investment.

Our ballpark pricing on a turnkey system currently ranges between $3.25 to $4.25 per Watt, depending on the size of the system. For larger Commercial systems the price per watt can be lower.

Please provide at least one bill from your utility provider showing the chart of the 12 month usage based on KWH (kilowatt hour). This information will stay confidential. Provide info via email to .

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